Report a Claim

Report a Claim

Many of the insurance companies we do business with have 24-hour direct claim reporting service. The numbers below can be used for emergency and "off-hour" claim reporting and, in most cases, regular claim reporting. Many also have information regarding claims, and claim reporting, available online. If your insurance company is not listed below, please call our office at 620-382-2106 or fax a brief description of your claim to 620-382-2615.

Bremen Farmers Mutual  
Phone Number 800-562-5712

Phone Number 800-274-4499

Employers Mutual  
Phone Number 800-223-0562

Phone Number 800-332-3226

Farmers Alliance      
Phone Number 800-362-1075

Upland Mutual            
Phone Number 800-369-4324

Marysville Mutual  
Phone Number 888-865-8965

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